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Press Release

Sperone Westwater is pleased to present Splotch, a two-venue exhibition on the Lower East Side curated by Eileen Jeng. Splotch features artists whose work involves a methodical and controlled process of creating seemingly freeform or random daubs and spots. The title of the show is inspired by Sol LeWitt’s fiberglass pieces titled Splotches and their working drawings or “footprints.” LeWitt’s 12-foot long sculpture Splotch #3, 2000, last shown in New York City at The Met, will be on view at Sperone Westwater. The footprints of Splotch #3 will be exhibited for the first time at Lesley Heller Workspace.

Splotch features works by Nicole Awai, Lynda Benglis, Trudy Benson, Matias Cuevas, Lucky DeBellevue, Alex Dodge, Keltie Ferris, Mary Heilmann, Andreas Kocks, Sol LeWitt, Emil Lukas, Riad Miah, Takesada Matsutani, Landon Metz, Angel Otero, Otto Piene, David Reed, Taney Roniger, Brie Ruais, Julia von Eichel, Terry Winters, and Jian-Jun Zhang. 

The artists’ approaches are structured, yet left up to elements of chance and failure. With predetermined and self-imposed rules, these artists explore the boundaries of various mediums as well as the tension between control and spontaneity. They also examine the body, scientific and mathematical concepts, nature, pop culture, and cultural identity. Dichotomies examined include: absence and presence, fluidity and stability, order and disorder. 

An opening reception will take place at Sperone Westwater on July 7 from 5 - 7 pm. Splotch will also be on view at Lesley Heller Workspace from July 20 to August 19, 2016. A catalogue published on the occasion of the two-venue exhibition will be available in December.

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